Vinicultural farm

Is situated on the territory of San Quirino (Pn) in the small hamlet of San Foca, very close to the Cellina torrent. The context in which it is set is unique, at times lunar, a stretch of gravel and stones, mainly dedicated to vineyard (50 hectares), with the whole crown of the friuli alps surrounding it like a greek amphitheatre.

It was with a great deal of bravery that Claudio Vettor purchased his first piece of land in 1984, as nobody up to that day had given any value to that "no man's land", so meagre and hard to farm, which was reputed as little suitable for growing vine. Perseverance and commitment have lead to success in this challenge.

His children marco and monica built the new wine cellar, completely surrounded by vineyards, giving it a name worth of the natural theatre set around it: Quinta della Luna (the moon's background).